Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sarsohiya Machchli

This is a family favourite! Hamare saare bacchon ko bahaut pasand hai yeh vyanjan. Most like it as a curry while some, like my youngest, Neelam prefers it as a fry.

The biggest challenge was buying the fish; its only a little later that I discovered the secret -- It lies in the stomach! When slit, if yellow, then it would be bitter.So basically,The whiter it is- the fresher it would be.

I learnt cooking sarsohiya machchli from my mother, par unko yeh khane se zyaada, khilane mein mazaa aata tha! Waise, khana banane ka mazaa to khilane mein hi aata hai..

So, here's dedicating the recipe to three of my grand-children jinko sabse zyaada pasand hai ye- Guggan,Tutul and Rinkoo!

Ingredients/ hume jin cheezon ki zaroorat hogi:
( Waise to humne hamesha andaaz se hi khaana banaya hai, but still aap logon ke liye, koshish karke dekhte hain..!)

Peela Sarson dana- 2 tsp
Lal Mirch powder- 1tsp
Garlic Paste - 1-2tsp
Haldi powder - 1-1/2 tsp
Jeera powder- 1tsp
Sarson oil -- yeh tum hi naap lena
methi dane- 8-10 seeds
aamchoor powder --1/2 tsp
chaawal ka attta (powdered rice) -- thoda sa
Salt to taste

aur haan!
Ye toh bhool hi gaye: Most Imp!
Macchli (Rohu) -- 1/2 kilo

Process/ Banaye Kaise:

The Curry:

1.Wash the fish first, khoob acche se dhona par, infact you can also use atta (flour) to clean it.
2.Marinate the fish with a little bit of salt and lemon juice for 10-15 minutes.

3.Meanwhile, make a paste with all the masalas ( sarson daana, lal mirch,lehsun paste,haldi aur jeera)

4.Ab paste ko side mein rakh do.

5.Heat Sarson Oil in a kadhai. garam hone ke baad, put the paste in it and roast it. After you have roasted it well,(oil chodne ke baad), put water in it.


6. Boil the curry well

7. Finally, put the fish in it

The Crisp Version:

Step 1-2 are the same
3. Add little bit of chaawal atta in the paste( for the fish to turn out crisp)
4. Heat sarson oil really well.
5. Ab, machchli ko paste me lapet ke (dip the fish in the paste), deep fry it

Loh, ban gayi Sarson Machchli!
Ab Bahaut ho gaya. Jise dekho mujhse bass ek hi baat. Could you please tell me the recipe for this..Could you please teach me that? Hum kehte rahe gaye, I dont know anything special! Ab kis kis ko kya kya sikhayen hum?

Isliye Humne soch liya..and so, here I am. Welcome to my Blog! This space is going to be my forum to finally share all the 'Khaandaani Recipes' with all of you. And To get a feel of all the lovely memories which come along .. So, everybody Read on...!