Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Yeh lo jee Nimona!

Sardiyon ka mausam aur hamare ghar mein nimona na bane aisa ho hi nahi sakta! Bas khoob saare taaze matar manga lo aur bade asaani se bina koi jhanjhat ke bana lo. Kabhi daal khane ka man nahi karta to chawal ke saath, kha sakte ho.

Humare ghar mein hamari Shreya aur Munni  ko bahaut pasand hai yeh. Baaki hume to accha lagta hi hai!

Hume frozen matar nahi accha lagta. I always prefer buying fresh ones and storing them. Bas matar ke dane ko khaulte paani mein daal do and swtich off the gas. Dhak ke ek min ke liye rakh do. Chalni  mein chaan ke ,dry them in the shade. Polythene mein daal ke freezer mein rakh do. Aur jab zaroorat pade to nikaal ke aloo matar ya matar pulao bana lo!


Aloo/potatoes - 2 to 3 medium sized
Matar (kacche)/Peas (raw)- 1/2 kilo
Heeng/asafoetida- ek chutki
Pyaaz lehsun adrak/Ginger-garlic-onion paste - 1 tbsp
Garam Masala- 1 tsp (according to taste)
Dhania powder- 2 tsp
Mirchi powder- half tsp (according to taste)
Laung- 4
Oil - 1 tbsp
Ghee - 1 tbsp

  • Heat the oil and ek chutki usme heeng daal do.
  • Aloo ko chote tukdon mein kaat kar, shallow fry them and take them out.
  • Imaam daste (using a mortar and pestle) mein ya mixer mein, matar koot ya pees lo aur thode khade chodo/ Crush the peas in a manner that some are left half crushed.

  • In the same oil where the aloo were fried, put the half crushed matar in it and roast it. put 1/2 tsp of ghee for added flavour.
  • Add the ginger garlic onion paste, dhania powder and mirchi powder and acche se bhuno.

  • Bhunne ke baad, put 2 cups of water in it to get the consistency of a daal.
  • Add garam masala powder.
  • Alag se karchi mein, desi ghee mein laung ka tadka lagao and add it to the nimona.

Garam garam chaawal banao, nimona daalo aur khao!


  1. Was never fond of green peas..till the time I had "Nimona" that tastes special with fresh boiled rice and a dollop of ghee :D

  2. Mummy says ..jisne photo dali hai uske liye... photo mein sabut mattar thodi zyada hai...mattar ko aur pisa hona chaiye!!

  3. Amma, I am reading your blog for the first time and I am the world's worst cook! Last year I bought Pushpesh Pant's (very expensive) India cookbook but to no avail. I have a vision of myself, though, of cooking wonderful meals that my family will enjoy. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the kitchen is my husband's department. He is an excellent cook though a great improviser (he claims he never follows recipes).I am looking forward to trying out some of the recipes on your blog. But matar is now out of season and not as sweet. Could you please post some seasonal recipes?
    By the way, I am originally from UP (mother's family is in Kanpur, father was from Allahabad) though he grew up in Bombay and so did I. I am married to a Maharashtrian, so hamare yahaan sab chalta hai.
    I look forward to your new recipes.
    With love Namita Bhandare

  4. looks lovely! first time here and already following you...nice and simple recipes.Do check my space, yourstastefully.blogspot.com

  5. Blog follow karne ke liya aur recipe padhne ke liye, Shukriya.